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Clean & Safe disinfectant

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When it comes to hygienic hand cleaning without water use, the best product to use while on the go is the Clean & Safe disinfectant. You only need to splash a few drops into your hands and rub them briefly. With this disinfectant product, your hands will be clean and safe from some external hazards, such as virus, fungi and bacteria.

The clean & safe disinfectant comes with alcohol that boasts instant and long-term effects. What’s more, it contains caring substances that come in handy in re-oiling your skin. The fabulous fragrance and incredible skin tolerance will truly inspire you. With a fantastic perfume pod included in the packaging, you are perfectly armed for a travel adventure.


  • it comprises alcohol with instant and long-term effects against viruses (coronaviruses and influenza), fungi and bacteria.
  • it has a perfect skin tolerance
  • it comes with panthenol and glycerin to protect your skin.
  • amazing fragrance
  • Swiss made

How to use

Apply a sufficient solvent to your hands, rub gently and apply on the skin areas making sure they are adequately moistened, and finally rub until its dry.


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Compensated CO2 emission by 825'000 kg


Compensated CO2 emission by 825'000 kg