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Limited Edition Barbie + Pro Longer

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SteamPod Barbie + Case + Pro Longer

With Barbie you learnt to dream. One day being an astronaut, the other a hairdresser. One day going for blond, the other for brunette. One day curly, one day wavy, one day straight.

With Barbie, you can be whoever you want to be. With Steampod, you can style your hair infinitely.

Get the Steampod x Barbie offer now and get a Série Expert Pro Longer Set incl. Shampoo (300 ml), Conditioner (200 ml) and Concetrate (15 ml) for free.

Série Expert Pro Longer, the ultimate care for long, healthy and shiny hair.


  • 2 in 1 Professionnal Straightener and Curler
  • patented steam technology
  • 91% less damage*
  • 2x faster styling results**
  • lightweight and Easy to Use
  • ntegrated removable comb
  • integrated watertank
  • intelligent heat control

*Instrumental test after 15 applications, compared to Steampod 3.0 without steam and comb (heating plates only).
**Instrumental test, compared to Steampod 3.0 without steam and comb (heating plates only).

Pro Longer

  • Length Renewing
  • 5x more Shine*
  • 44% Less Hair Breakage and 20% Split Ends Reduction*

*Instrumental test, after application of Shampoo + Conditioner.

How to use


  1. ‌Connect the device. Here’s how to turn on your device: Push down the on / off button. The LCD screen then automatically turns on.
  2. Select the appropriate temperature for the hair to be treated using the + and - buttons: Press the -button in order to reduce the temperature or the +button in order to increase it.
  3. Start the treatment by passing over the strands once or twice, depending on the hair type (see table). Do this slowly in order to allow the steam to penetrate deep into the strands.

Pro Longer Shampoo 300 ml

  1. Distribute evenly through wet hair.
  2. Lather.
  3. Rinse.

Pro Longer Conditioner 200 ml

  1. Apply evenly to shampooed and towel-dried hair.
  2. Comb through.
  3. Rinse thoroughly.

Pro Longer Concentrate 15 ml

Apply to towel-dried lengths and ends as a mask substitute after shampooing and rinse thoroughly.

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