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And Shine

And Shine
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    And Shine
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The story of And Shine, a brand of goodlifescience GmbH, begins with a research trip to South Korea and the deep desire to develop an innovative way of skin care. Our products combine the natural power of pure active ingredients with our patented microstructure-technology. The entire production process is subject to the highest quality standards.

Whether in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals or medicine, we believe that everyone should have access to products that make them healthier and happier. That's why we've spent years working with leading researchers in science and technology to develop a unique and powerful microstructure technology that can deliver active ingredients exactly where they are needed most. Our innovative transdermal patches represent a profound shift in skincare, beautifying your skin from the inside out.

Innovation is at the heart of our brand, and the great desire to develop products that help improve people's skin, health and well-being.

High-tech skin care with Microneedling Patches
We have developed a revolutionary type of skin care that provides deeper nourishment. Our patches contain between 300 and 900 microneedles with up to 17mg of active ingredients that are delivered directly into the epidermis where they are needed most. This nourishes the skin from the inside.

High-tech microneedles
When our patches are applied, the microstructure full of active ingredients dissolves into the skin, effectively nourishing it from the inside.

Each microneedle is about 90 microns wide, making it as thin as a human hair. This makes the application painless and 100% safe.

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Compensated CO2 emission by 1'100'000 kg

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