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Estée Lauder

Estée Lauder
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"You ask about my age? and I tell you it just doesn't mean anything".
The credo of founder Jospehine Esther ("Esty", later "Estée) Mentzer continues to uphold the Estée Lauder brand to this day, providing women of all ages with superior luxury products of outstanding quality.

Her career as a beauty icon was practically handed down to her in her cradle: as the daughter of an elegant businessman and a mother for whom her regular skin care rituals were sacred, and especially as the niece of a chemist, her rise to become the 'cosmetics queen', as she was soon called, seems almost inevitable.

It was her uncle who showed Estée how to mix the velvety face creams, oils and ointments herself and soon she was selling them at parties, in beauty salons and, with increasing success, in department stores. In 1946, Estée and her husband Joseph Lauder founded the Estée Lauder Companies, which grew into a successful group.

Estée Lauder is now one of the top brands in the cosmetics industry, thanks to its innovative and technologically advanced products, and no longer offers only fine, high-quality care products for women, but also luxurious, high-quality make-up and perfumes.

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