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CLINIQUE is dedicated to the beauty of your skin. From effective all-rounders to highly effective specialists, you will find a wide range of valuable care products that give your skin exactly what it needs to maintain its health and youthful, fresh radiance. All products are 100% fragrance-free, allergy-tested and made from high-quality ingredients. There is no better way to treat your skin.

  1. 50ml
    Special Price CHF57.60 Regular Price CHF72.00
  2. Special Price CHF40.00 Regular Price CHF50.00
  3. 150ml
    Special Price CHF28.00 Regular Price CHF35.00
  4. 40ml
    Special Price CHF28.80 Regular Price CHF36.00
  5. 115+10ml
    Special Price CHF60.00 Regular Price CHF75.00
  6. 115+10ml
    Special Price CHF60.00 Regular Price CHF75.00
  7. 10ml
    Special Price CHF16.00 Regular Price CHF20.00

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