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Easy Pack callus removal

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Baby Foot Easy Pack has been on the market for more than 15 years and today represents one of the most widely purchased products worldwide

Its special recipe is based on the mutual interaction of 17 natural extracts and is solely developed for foot health and beauty. It therefore not only effortlessly removes dead skin cells, but also renews the firmness of the skin and its moisture reserves, which can contribute to the health and well-being of feet.

The main ingredients include fruit acids (such as glycolic acid from the sugar cane, malic acid and citric acid from citrus fruits). It also serves as an aid to combat bacteria and treat inflammations and psoriasis. Thanks to the antiperspirant effect, it also helps to get rid of unpleasant odours.

Baby Foot Easy Pack is effective, easy to use and guarantees  the user a fantastic result in just 2-7 days. Skin regenerates completely naturally and stays smooth and baby soft.

How to use

  1. Please remove nail polish on feet and foot jewellery and wash feet well before application.

  2. Afterwards, pull on the two Baby Foot foil socks and secure to the foot joints with the included sticky strips in order to prevent the gel from running out.

    Use immediately after opening the product packaging. The Baby Foot foil socks are only intended for single use. The ideal application time is 1 hour. Please do not exceed this application time.

  3. Afterwards, take of the Baby Foot foil socks and wash feet thoroughly in soapy water. Then care for your feet daily with a rich foot care creme.

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