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Permanent Lashes - 1 short black

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ARTDECO's permanent lashes are for permanently longer and thicker lashes. They look very natural and are comfortable to wear, as they do not come into contact with the eyelid. They can be applied individually - for a subtle to expressive look - and are also perfectly suitable for customers with very short lashes. The permanent lashes give the lashes an absolutely natural-looking fullness and after correct application they stick for weeks - whether showering, sleeping or swimming.

How to use

Remove the permanent eyelash from the box with tweezers. Dip the knot in a drop of special glue. Spread the glue on your own lashes and place permanent lashes on your own lashes that have been coated with glue. To remove, apply Special Remover to a cotton wool pad, leave on closed eye for 1-2 minutes and gently pull down. For even gentler removal, soak two cotton swabs with remover, moisten lashes with it, let it work and gently remove lashes.


  • Always apply an odd number of permanent lashes, as this will make them look more perfect
  • Do not glue permanent lashes to the skin, but to your own lashes (because the skin becomes greasy). To do this, pull the adhesive-wetted lash along your own lashes and then gently press the permanent lashes on. In this way you achieve a considerably longer durability
  • Permanent eyelashes are also ideal for drooping eyelids, as they open the eye optically
  • Always apply permanent eyelashes with your eyes slightly lowered.


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Compensated CO2 emission by 825'000 kg