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Permanent Styling Creatine+

Curl C Lotion

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Permanent waving agent for bouncy / lively curls.
Curl C - for coloured or damaged hair

  • New product formulation with combination of deep-care active ingredients
  • New cranberry-rose scent
  • Mild odour aroma, which ensures a more pleasant customer experience
  • New packaging design
  • New permanent curl, wave and smoothing services for a texture without compromise with Wellaplex
  • New ready-to-use fixation for curls and waves

Warning: The use of this product requires professional know-how. rejects any liability claims.

Product characteristics

Hair type
colored damaged

How to use

  1. Gently wash the hair once with Invigo Aqua Pure Shampoo and dry the hair with a towel
  2. Turn the hair onto the selected curlers.
  3. Apply Creatine+ Curl Lotion and leave on. Determine the final exposure time* by trial wraps that you test in different areas.
  4. When the curls appear sufficient, rinse the curled hair thoroughly with the rollers (3 minutes)
  5. Afterwards, fixation follows (see application "Neutralizer Wave/Curl")

* Application time:
With heat Without heat
Curl C 8 - 12 min. 10 - 20 min
Curl N 10 - 15 min. 15 - 20 min.


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Compensated CO2 emission by 900'000 kg