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Eyelash serum

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50% longer and thicker lashes in only 30 days (with daily use)

The eyelash serum from Nanolash for long, thick and beautiful lashes.


  • spectacular eyelashes in just a few weeks
  • long, strong and healthy natural eyelashes
  • voluminous lash line
  • noticeable effects after 15 days
  • easy to use

Nanolash eyelash serum is based on high-quality, caring and growth-promoting substances which quickly and effectively penetrate eyelash roots. Regular use of the Nanolash eyelash serum leads to noticeable results, even in the first week. The natural eyelashes become considerably thicker and stronger. Over time they also become darker and faster growing. Nanolash is the best method for a breath-taking look.

Nanolash eyelash serum is suitable for use by people with sensitive skin and contact lens wearers. It has soothing properties and regenerates the natural lashes after all cosmetic treatments (lash extensions, lash curling etc.).

How to use

The application of Nanolash Eyelash Serum is very easy and consists of three steps. For best results, use Nanolash daily.

1. Carefully remove the make-up.

2. Apply Nanolash to eyelash roots.

3. Wait until the serum is absorbed.

The Nanolash eyelash serum has a handy bottle with a precision applicator. It is used in a similar way to eyeliner - a small dose of Nanolash is applied to the top and bottom eyelash roots with a confident movement. The eye area must be carefully cleaned before each application of the eyelash serum.


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