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Aloha by Terraillon: for a good quality of sleep

Sleep, along with diet and physical activity, is an essential part of a healthy and harmonious lifestyle. Terraillon, a leading brand in the field of well-being, has developed Aloha, a device that helps you fall asleep and wake up. Aloha is designed to improve the quality of sleep by helping you fall asleep faster and wake up more gently thanks to the light, so Aloha helps you feel better in your body and be fit throughout the day.

Features at a glance:

  • 2 sleep programs (heart coherence and sunset)
  • 1 wake up program
  • 16 million color shades
  • time display
  • touch screen interface
  • LED display/night mode
  • snooze function
  • power supply: USB, cable included
  • clinically tested
  • can be used with eyes closed and in any position
  • for the whole family

Light, an essential element for our biological clock.

Our internal biological clock controls the body's cycles (which extend over 24 hours), which include the sleep-wake cycle. This alternation is essential for physical and mental balance and is normally synchronized with daylight. The red light of sunset is a natural signal that helps people fall asleep by secreting the sleep hormone melatonin. Conversely, its secretion is blocked when the body perceives the bluish light of day. The body then enters a state of wakefulness and prepares for physical and mental activity.

Various factors can disrupt sleep-wake phases, such as poor sleep hygiene, lack of light in winter, anxiety and stress, or screen use before bedtime. The result is difficulty falling asleep, waking up at night or even insomnia. According to various studies, almost every fifth person in Switzerland has problems falling asleep. The consequences of sleep deprivation are manifold: in addition to health impairments, it also leads to concentration difficulties, loss of energy, fatigue and can sometimes be linked to weight problems.

Aloha resynchronizes the biological rhythm of sleep by promoting faster falling asleep and a natural and gentle awakening. Thus, it improves the quality of sleep and provides greater well-being in everyday life. The device was developed in collaboration with the European Sleep Centre, with which Terraillon has been working for several years.

Product characteristics


How to use

Aloha has two sleep programs and one wake-up program. In the evening, Aloha mimics the red light of the sunset, which promotes the release of melatonin.

There are two modes available:

  • Sunset Mode: this mode lasts 20 minutes and changes from orange to a warm red to promote natural sleep.
  • Heart Coherence Mode: this mode lasts 15 minutes and combines breathing exercises and light. This program was developed with sleep physicians and clinically tested: 2 out of 3 users fall asleep within 15 minutes. It allows you to focus on breathing to the rhythm of the red light, reducing the flow of thoughts and calming the heartbeat. This mode is clinically tested and can also be used in relaxation exercises (yoga, pilates, meditation) to manage stress and anxiety.


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