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Detox Pure Kur

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With the purchase of a Dr. Niedermaier product you will receive a Regulatpro Hyaluron as a 20 ml trial size as a gift! While stocks last.


The Detox Programme to support liver function

The Two-Component Detox Programme by Dr. Niedermaier Pharma is based on a holistic concept according to the principle of "dissolve" and "bind". It is therefore recommended that Regulatpro Active DTX is always taken in combination with Dr Niedermaier Detox Pure.


This set contains:

  • Regulatpro Active DTX (350 ml)
  • Dr. Niedermaier Detox Pure (100 g)


Regulatpro Active DTX

Supports healthy liver function and fat metabolism, keeps the intestinal mucosa in balance, the nervous system stable and gives new energy. In Regulatpro Active DTX, Regulat essence is enriched with extracts of artichoke, olive, cranberry, horsetail, ginseng and ginger, as well as vital substances and vitamins.


Dr. Niedermaier Detox Pure

  • Free yourself and help the body back into its natural power with the organic Detox Pure by Dr. Niedermaier.
  • The body is strengthened with natural iron and protein.
  • Do you also feel tired and exhausted? Then it's time for a natural detox that noticeably works!
  • "The pain of the liver is fatigue!" or "leaden fatigue", as the saying goes. The liver is the detoxification centre of our body. In the past, it was considered the seat of the soul, as it is the only organ that has the property of regenerating itself.
  • Due to new kinds of stresses from radiation, hormones, fertiliser residues in groundwater and pesticides in daily food, the body is experiencing a completely new problem: multiple stresses and blockages of its own regeneration. This makes itself felt through a lack of energy, headaches, a slowed metabolism, weakened defences, disturbed sleep, sallow, impure and, above all, faster ageing skin.
  • Dr. Niedermaier combines holistic loosening and binding for a new, carefree attitude to life full of energy!


Solving and binding: 

  • Free yourself and help your body back to its natural power with Dr. Niedermaier's innovative Detox Cure
  • Choline: contributes to normal fat metabolism and liver function.


Tip: Before a Regulatpro Hyaluron or Regulatpro Collagen cure, a detox cure with the products of Dr. Niedermaier is recommended, as cleansed cells can absorb the beautifying active ingredients many times better. In this way, the effect of the vegan anti-ageing beauty treatment is additionally optimised.

Product characteristics

gluten free lactose free without colouring without preservatives

How to use

In the morning:

  • 15 ml Regulatpro Active DTX.
  • Take 1 scoop of Dr. Niedermaier Detox Pure mixed in a glass of water.


Optional lunch: (for a more intensive detoxification. Please note: a 2nd Detox Pure powder is needed)

  • Take 1 measuring cube of Dr. Niedermaier Detox Pure mixed in a glass of water.


In the evening:

  • 15 ml Regulatpro Active DTX.
  • Take 1 scoop of Dr. Niedermaier Detox Pure mixed in a glass of water.


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