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The Men Re-Nature Re-Pigmentation Cream for men gives grey hair its natural tone back step by step. This is due to the unique re-pigmentation technology. This ensures optimal care and visibly supple hair – gently without colouring. At the same time, it allows you to determine the colour result yourself.

  • Re-pigmentation without dyeing.
  • Gives grey hair back its natural tone. Step by step.
  • For a natural-looking colour result.
  • Direct application without blending.
  • The Men Re-Nature Colouration isavailable in two different shades: Medium and Dark.

Note: The use of this product requires professional know-how. disclaims any liability claims. 

Product characteristics

Coloration need
Colour Refresher

How to use

1.) Preparation:

  • Put on the gloves before application and protect your clothes, e.g. with an old towel.
  • Put a watch next to you to check the application time. Remove the cap from the tube and pull off the sealant.
  • Now the Schwarzkopf Re-Nature is ready for use.


2.) Application:

  • Apply the re-pigmentation cream to dry, non-pre-washed hair and distribute evenly.
  • Please note the following application quantities: Short hair: 1 tube, Chin-length hair: 2 tubes, Shoulder-length hair: 2 packets.
  • To avoid stains, please remove any cream from your skin.
  • First application: To achieve your desired shade, make one:
    - Application all over the head when hair is evenly greying.
    - Partial application, e.g. on grey tresses.
  • Application time:
    Medium blonde to dark blonde: Re-Nature Medium: 5–10 min, light brown to medium brown: Re-Nature Medium: 10-15 min, dark brown to black: Re-Nature Dark: 15–20 min.


  • The product may react at different rates due to the structure of the hair.
  • For fine, damaged or sun-lightened hair, the exposure time for Schwarzkopf Re-Nature Medium should be reduced to 5 min. and for Schwarzkopf Re-Nature Dark to 10 min.
  • The longer the exposure time, the more intensive the result. We recommend not to exceed an application time of 20 min. for the medium variant and 25 min. for the dark variant.


3.) Rinse:

After the application time, put the gloves back on and rinse the hair well with lukewarm water.


4.) After coloring:

  • Wash your hair thoroughly with the Schwarzkopf Re-Nature care after-treatment.
  • We recommend using one sachet for each colour tube used up.
  • The re-pigmentation cream acquires a dark, blue, violet to black appearance/colour by combining with atmospheric oxygen. This effect disappears when the cream is thoroughly rinsed off.
  • After application, you can use other styling products (e.g. taffeta or others) for your hair as usual.
  • You can reuse unused re-pigmentation cream at another time. To do this, remove the air from the tube by gently squeezing it until the cream is visible in the tube opening. Close the tube immediately and store it standing on the lid at room temperature.
  • The enclosed gloves can be removed and reused.
  • If you have achieved your desired hair tone after the first application, you do not need to reapply Schwarzkopf Re-Nature.
  • Re-Nature should only be reapplied if grey hairs grow back.
  • If, in rare cases, you notice discolouration on your textiles after application, we recommend washing immediately with a liquid detergent or a washing powder (e.g. Persil power gel), observing the care label of the textile in question.


5.) Follow applications:

  • If you have not achieved the desired shade after the first application, you should continue with the application of Schwarzkopf Re-Nature.
  • We therefore recommend: medium: - 3 applications - dark: 3–6 applications.
  • In any case, please allow 3–4 days for the new shade to fully develop.
  • Please note the exposure time in the table under first application.


6.) Application to maintain the desired shade:

  • Once you have achieved your desired shade, we recommend reapplying to regrown hair every 3–4 weeks (for medium blonde to medium brown natural hair colour) and every 2 weeks (for dark brown to black natural hair colour).
  • Therefore, only distribute Schwarzkopf Re-Nature evenly on regrown hair.
  • For very short hair, we recommend a full head application with an exposure time of 5–15 minutes, depending on the natural hair colour.
  • If the hair becomes lighter over time, e.g. due to sun, solarium or sweating, you can also treat it with a shortened application time of 5–10 minutes to achieve a more even result.


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