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The Beauty Advent Calendar 2023

Daily exclusive offers

🚪Behind door no. 5 is this surprise deal:


Geschenk With the purchase of one of the 4 Smilepen products listed below, you will receive a Hylocare Hyaluronic Gum Care Serum worth CHF 24.90 as a gift today! While stocks last.

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🎄Welcome to the first digital advent calendar from🎄


To sweeten your Advent season, 24 beauty surprises are waiting to be revealed. Benefit from attractive price promotions or a gift with your next purchase. 💖

The Advent calendar can be found all over the world. Every year, we look forward to it anew. Ready to start each day with a little surprise. What makes the digital Advent calendar so special? Above all, interactivity. 🎁

What does the Beauty Advent Calendar 2023 contain?

With a range of over 35'000 beauty products and a multitude of brands, the possibilities seem endless. We have broken this down into 24 surprises. Only time will tell what exactly is behind them. 🕖✨

Why is the 2023 Advent calendar digital?

Our regular customers are well-known our physical Advent calendar, which has complemented our shop year after year and has been a great gift for your loved ones or yourself. This year we are focussing on you! In a world that is becoming more and more digital, Christmas should also be felt on your smartphone, tablet or desktop. 🎁

Every day, you will be surprised by our shop with a new gift that you can keep for yourself or give to a special person in your life. Variety also enriches our lives. 💝

How can I benefit from the Advent deals?

The motto here is: Daily greetings from!

To get hold of one or more gifts, you need one thing above all: stay on the ball and visit us every day. When another door is opened, you will also receive all the information on how to get your hands on it. We would like to offer all customers the chance to benefit from our Advent calendar. Until then: Stay tuned!

Which brands will be included in the Advent calendar?

If we give that away, half the fun will be gone. However, it could be that we drop one or two brand bombs a little earlier. 💣💥

Does the Advent calendar contain the same products as last year?

That would be boring! Perhaps one or two brands that were already represented last year have found their way into a door again, but we won't reveal any more. 💝

Is the 2023 Advent calendar also for men?

💪🏼Of course it is! We don't exclude anyone at Everyone who wants a gift has the same chances.

First come - First served🎉

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