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BC Scalp Genesis

BC Scalp Genesis
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A healthy scalp supports healthy hair growth and is the first step to beautiful hair.

BC Scalp Genesis is a holistic detox system that balances the scalp and lays the
foundation for optimal hair quality. It was especially developed to combat unbalanced
scalp such as oily, sensitive or flaky scalp and to combat hair loss.

The evaluation of your customer's scalp condition is an essential part of the consulting
process and forms the basis for an individual salon experience. In addition to the verbal
consultation, you should examine your customer's scalp partway down, at a distance of 3cm.
Also rub gently over the scalp to determine sebum production. Also
check for dandruff, redness, reduced hair growth or other signs of unbalanced scalp.
The new BC Scalp Genesis offers a complete, silicone-free range of products to prevent and control the following hair and scalp

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Compensated CO2 emission by 900'000 kg


Compensated CO2 emission by 900'000 kg

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