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  • Spring trends 2024 for make-up and nails

 In spring, a veritable firework of colours bursts upon us! From soft pastel shades inspired by nature to bright explosions of colour: this season's trends have a look for everyone to make a statement!

When it comes to make-up, soft pastel shades dominate, giving a fresh and youthful look. Soft peach, mint or lavender tones create a soft, feminine look that perfectly matches the awakening of nature in spring

But bold, strong colours also play a major role! Neon pink, sunny yellow and bright coral red bring energy and joie de vivre to the make-up game. From eye-catching lips to vibrant eyeliner, these colours are perfect for standing out from the crowd and making a lasting impression


Spring 2024

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  • Cherry blossoms

    From soft pastels to vibrant reds, all shades of cherry blossom are on trend this spring. These diverse shades add a romantic and fresh touch to any look while celebrating the beauty of nature.

    💡Pink tones flatter cool and neutral skin undertones, while reds harmonise particularly well with warm and cool undertones.

  • Lavender and aqua tones

    For the eyes, blue pastel shades offer a refreshing alternative to traditional eyeshadow colors. On the nails, the delicate lavender shade adds a touch of romance and finesse. Let yourself be enchanted by these soft colors and bring spring to life.  


    💡Lavender and blue tones highlight cool skin undertones and bring out their natural radiance.

  • lavender, pastel shades, violet, blue, make-up, nails, trend colour, spring trend
  • yellow, peach, orange, trend colour, spring trend, make-up, nails
  • Peach, orange and sunset

    Yellow and orange, the bright colours of the sunset, bring an incomparable energy and radiate vitality and optimism. They remind us of fresh citrus fruits and golden rays of sunshine that light up the world.


    💡Yellow and peach tones flatter warm skin undertones in particular by emphasising their luminosity.