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No more shaving pimples and redness

Step by step to a flawless shave

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Every woman has the freedom to show herself as she is. So shaving is absolutely not a duty. The important thing is that you feel comfortable in your skin!


In our step by step guide you will find our recommendations for a shave without shaving pimples and redness.

1. Before shaving

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A good preparation of the skin is crucial to ensure a gentle shave. Therefore, here are some tips:

  • Don't shave too often, give your skin a break.
  • Dead skin flakes can lead to ingrown hairs when shaving. Therefore, it is best to use a scrub before, so it shaves more efficiently.
  • Use a razor with sharp and clean blades.
  • Change the razor blades regularly. Dull razor blades glide less well over your skin, which causes pulling of body hair and irritates the skin unnecessarily. 
  • Wet the part of your body (preferably with warm water) that you want to shave beforehand. Soft hair is easier to remove.

💡Tip for peeling application: Use the peeling glove from Omnia Botanica to remove the dead cells over a large area. You can use the glove several times and wash it at 30 ° C in the washing machine.

2. During shaving

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Skin irritations and cuts are not a pretty thing. Here are a some tips to avoid them during shaving:

  • Shaving with the direction of growth is gentler and more gentle.
  • Tighten the skin with your free hand.
  • Use a shaving gel to make the blade less likely to dull and soothe the skin.
  • Not every body part is the same. Use specific products for each body zone, for example the Gillette's Intimate Care Shaving Gel.
  • For a skin-friendly shave, warm (not hot) water is ideal. So the hair will be softer and it reduces micro injuries.

3. After shaving

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After shaving, the skin is extremely sensitive and irritated. Now, to avoid annoying shaving pimples and redness, we recommend that you observe the following:

  • Rinse your skin with cold water to allow the pores to close and minimize the risk of inflammation.
  • Provide your skin with sufficient moisture. It is important to use products that do not contain alcohol
  • Give the skin time to regenerate and do not slip into tight clothing immediately after shaving.
  • Again, use suitable products for the affected areas of the body. Especially the skin in the intimate area is extremely sensitive.

💡Tip: The nourishing oils from Hemply Balance have been specially developed for care after shaving in the intimate area and provide the skin with everything it needs during this time.

💡Tip: If shaving pimples do occur, it is important that you do not squeeze them, but treat them with care products that contain zinc

The recommendations and products presented serve merely as tips, and no guarantee can be given for their effectiveness in any individual case.

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