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Striplac Peel or Soak

Starter Set

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Striplac Peel or Soak compact packaged together in a set for you!

The Striplac Peel or Soak Starter Kit includes all products needed for Striplac polishing, including a hand-held LED lamp for fast hardening of the Striplac nail polish.

Using this kit you can extend all colours in any way. Striplac lasts up to 3 weeks without splitting, hardens in 60/90 seconds and can be carefully peeled or soaked off of the natural nail for a colour change. Plus a long-lasting shine! Available as a starter set with colour and French polish.


  • Strong Pearl LED lamp
  • Striplac Peel or Soak Velvet Red
  • Striplac Peel or Soak Peel off Activator
  • Striplac Peel or Soak Top Coat
  • Cleaning pads 50 pcs. 
  • Cuticle pusher
  • Polishing file
  • Soak off Remover Pads 10 pcs.
  • Soak off Liquid 50ml
  • User instructions

How to use

To apply Striplac Peel or Soak:

  1. Degrease the nail with a cleaning pad
  2. Polish the nail thoroughly with the 2-step polishing file
  3. Choose a colour and apply a thin layer of paint over the entire nail
  4. Harden the polish for 60 seconds under the Strong Pearl LED lamp
  5. Paint the nail all over with the Top Coat
  6. Cure the Top Coat for 90 seconds under the Strong Pearl LED lamp
  7. Degrease the nail with the cleaning pads to remove the sweat layer. FINISHED!

Peel-Off Step-by-Step:

  1. Apply Peel- Off Activator to the nail plate and let it work for a few minutes
  2. Press the nail polish with the hoof stick to the side of the nail. Then remove the nail polish from the nail in one layer
  3. Do not forget the care afterwards. Apply Care & Gloss Care Stick and DONE!

Soak-Off Step-by-Step:

  1. Apply a small amount of Soak-Off Liquid to the foil pads. Then place the soaked pad side on the nail plate and press the foil firmly around the finger so that the pads moisten the nail plate with acetone
  2. Let the Soak-Off Pads work for 5-10 minutes and the nail polish is off!
  3. Afterwards do not forget the care. Apply Care & Gloss Care Stick and DONE!

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