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Sienna X

Sienna X
  1. Final Price CHF 25.00
  2. Final Price CHF 42.00
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  3. Express Q10 Tinted Self Tan Mousse
    Final Price CHF 30.00
  4. Final Price CHF 29.00
  5. Final Price CHF 29.00
  6. Final Price CHF 29.00
  7. Final Price CHF 36.00
  8. Final Price CHF 42.00
  9. Final Price CHF 42.00
  10. Final Price CHF 42.00
  11. Final Price CHF 48.00
  12. Final Price CHF 29.00
  13. ERASER Self Tan Remover and Mitt
    Final Price CHF 25.00
  14. Final Price CHF 12.00
  15. Self Tan Concentrated Serum Drops
    Final Price CHF 29.00
  16. Self Tan Q10 Tinted Self Tan Mousse
    Final Price CHF 29.00
  17. GRADUAL Untinted Self Tan Lotion
    Final Price CHF 27.00
  18. Final Price CHF 48.00
  19. Final Price CHF 46.00
  20. Final Price CHF 41.00
  21. Final Price CHF 29.00

Sienna X is the No. 1 professional salon brand, is made in the UK.

This beauty brand offers professional tanning products (self-tanner) and the uncomplicated facial care line for all skin types.


The skincare story

Life is stressful enough without having to figure out which skincare is right for which skin type. The Sienna X Skincare Collection suits all skin types... combined with production techniques that keep you in the now.

  • Time for you
  • Honest
  • Effective

The Sienna X skincare line was developed from extensive and proven testing, market research and a vision of therapists and consumers who felt a need for more transparency and self-explanatory products.



  • Safe, clean and fast
  • Better results than you would achieve naturally
  • Makes you look younger every day, be more confident, feel slimmer, positive holiday feeling
  • No harmful effects of UVA/UVB




  • Helps you apply a seamless tan
  • Instant colour as you develop
  • Minimal transfer


  • Cleaner application
  • Requires more concentration during application
  • No transfer during development

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Compensated CO2 emission by 1'100'000 kg


Compensated CO2 emission by 1'100'000 kg

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