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Pamper your senses and your skin with luxurious beauty treatments

Bellapierre | SPONGELLÉ | Starskin | Voesh

Transform showering into a daily beauty ritual!
Luxury for your skin and soul

Spongellé beauty sponges transform into a sensual pampering experience with water, enveloping the skin in silky-soft foam and providing a gentle exfoliating massage. Enriched with exotic and natural extracts, they gently cleanse and provide pure moisture, while the sensual scents combined with creamy foam create a luxurious shower ritual. The sensual scents combined with a creamy foam make the beauty sponges a moment of luxury for the skin and soul.

The skin becomes radiantly beautiful and velvety soft. An experience for all the senses and a real innovation for the daily shower ritual!



Highly pigmented mineral makeup
Purity - Quality - Variety - Trendy - 100% natural

Bellapierre is the perfect choice for women looking for unique and high-quality mineral makeup products that are suitable even for sensitive skin. With a wide range of colors and a product selection that includes a variety of eyeshadows and foundations, Bellápierre offers the ideal makeup for every skin type and occasion, and is the trendy runway brand that guarantees women a flawless look with vibrant colors.

Bellápierre uses 100% PURE MICA POWDER without any additives or other ingredients.

Recommended by makeup artists!



Bio-Cellulose Masks with High-Quality Serums!
For beautiful and radiant skin!

Discover the innovative, natural skincare products from Starskin, based on proven herbal technologies and medical science. We guarantee you 100% clean, high-quality products that deliver professional results in the comfort of your own home. Take the first step towards beautiful and radiant skin with Starskin now.

Discover the revolutionary skincare category of Bio-Cellulose Sheet Masks, considered the gold standard for skin treatment among dermatologists. Experience unparalleled results thanks to the highest quality material and high-quality serums.

Starskin has decided to formulate effective skincare that is not diluted with water, which means their products are more luxurious, effective, and offer better value for money. With their water-free formulation, they provide the ultimate solution for radiant and healthy skin.



Luxurious Spa Treatments for Your Home
Vegan – Clean – Organic

Simply Skinsational
Experience all the sensations with our extensive spa treatment range, elevating self-care to a new level. Indulge in luxurious sea salt baths, velvety lotions, gentle sugar scrubs, and silky massage butters with delicious scents suitable for every mood.

Self-care for everyone, everywhere
Pamper yourself daily with our simple, 100% vegan, and soothing products for use at home or in the spa to boost your well-being and improve your mood. Everyone deserves to take care of themselves.

Clean without compromise
Our 100% vegan skincare products are based on green chemistry and pure plant-based ingredients to ensure a clean, fresh, and ethically impeccable wellness experience. Discover our non-toxic products now and care for your skin in a responsible and sustainable way.



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