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Summer figure 2022

Basically, every figure is a bikini figure! It is important that you feel good in your body regardless of the "beauty ideals" you live by. If you want to tan, lose a little weight or remove body hair, that's your decision. But of course it is not a must. Feel comfortable the way you are!

Modifast - Less weight and more taste

You want to lose a few unloved kilos before your holiday, but in the best case you don't want to give up anything? With the protein shakes, soups, drinks and bars from Modifast, you can support your weight loss without going hungry. This will help you reach your personal feel-good weight faster.

For your beauty from the inside

Many products support your natural beauty with effective ingredients from within, like the beauty drinks from Dr. Niedermaier or vitamin gummy bears from SugarBearHair and IvyBears.

Hair removal for beautiful, smooth skin

Depending on personal preference, there are many ways to remove hair on demand. Also depending on the body region, many brands offer specially matched products for the best hair removal and optimal results. Decide for yourself whether you prefer warm wax or cold wax waxing, a shave or hair removal creams.

Sun tan before the holidays

Do you want tanned legs in your beloved summer dress or a bit of colour on your face? Then tan before your holiday without the harmful UV rays with a self-tanner. There's a wide range to choose from, so there's something for every need. With self-tanning concentrates (e.g. from Clarins), you can easily determine the intensity yourself by adding an appropriate amount to your daily moisturiser. Many products, for example, are specifically designed for use on the face, so you can achieve the best results. Which texture do you prefer: mousse, spray or lotion?