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Permanent Wave Set Type 2 for strong natural hair.

  • Long proven neutral technology for powerful and long lasting reshaping.
  • The Base Lotion (basic well lotion) and Activator (well activator lotion) work perfectly together and are specially formulated for highly reliable reshaping results.
  • The Inter-Fluid (Intermediate Treatment) improves the appearance of the curls by balancing the hair into its natural pH range.
  • The Self Balancing System helps to balance the porosity of the hair and allows the lotion to penetrate evenly for an even wave result.

This set for strong natural hair contains:

  • 1 Base Lotion (Base Well Lotion)
  • 1 Activator (Well activation lotion)
  • 1 Neutraliser (fixation)

Product characteristics

Hair type

How to use

  • Preparation: 
    Wash hair with a mild Goldwell shampoo without massaging the scalp. Spray Goldwell Dualsenses Curls & Waves Moisturizing Serum Spray directly on the hair to protect porous areas in the hair and achieve an even curl result. Wrap according to the reshaping desire. Do not over-moisturize the hair.

  • Activation of the Well Lotion: 
    Pour the entire contents of the activator (tube) into the bottle of base lotion. Screw the cap of the bottle tightly again and mix the components by swirling several times, but do not shake.

  • Application: 
    Moisturize the coiled hair thoroughly several times starting from the nape of the neck with the mixed well lotion. Dripping liquid with a damp cotton ball immediately collect.

  • Application times:
    TYPE 0: 15-25 minutes with heat.
    TYPE 1: 10-25 minutes without heat (cover with plastic hood and towel). 10-25 minutes with heat.
    TYPE 2: 6-20 minutes without heat (cover with plastic hood and towel). 4-15 minutes with heat.

    Determine the exposure time by taking several sample wraps in time, starting with the lowest recommended exposure time.

  • Rinse and blot 
    After the application time is finished, rinse the well lotion thoroughly for at least 3 minutes. Each wrap with a napkin or towel dab well.

  • Inter-Fluid (only for Evolution Type 1 and Type 2)
    Apply the Inter-Fluid to the wrapped hair. Leave on for 3 minutes. Do not rinse. Dab off excess moisture with a towel or napkin.

  • Fixation Step 1
    The fixation (neutralizer) is ready to use. The fixation can be applied either directly from the bottle or with a sponge. Approximately 2/3 of the fixation (Neutraliser) apply to the wrapped hair and leave on for 5 minutes.

  • Fixing Step 2
    Unwind the hair loosely and refix with the rest of the fixation (Neutraliser). Leave on for another 5 minutes. Rinse the hair thoroughly.

  • Final treatment:
    We recommend a suitable leave-in product such as Dualsenses Curls & Waves Intensive Care Serum for extra care and moisture.


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