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  1. Final Price CHF 39.95
    75 ml
  2. Final Price CHF 39.95
    75 ml
  3. Final Price CHF 117.40
  4. Final Price CHF 9.90
  5. Perfect Skin Tanning Drops
    Final Price CHF 39.95
    30 ml
  6. Magic Soft Focus Eye Cream
    Final Price CHF 29.95
    15 ml
  7. Home Set Sensitive
    Final Price CHF 44.90
  8. Final Price CHF 36.95
    50 ml
  9. Final Price CHF 39.90
  10. Final Price CHF 76.00
  11. Final Price CHF 89.95
  12. Final Price CHF 91.95
  13. Final Price CHF 99.95
  14. Final Price CHF 39.00
    100 ml
  15. Final Price CHF 34.95
    400 ml
  16. Final Price CHF 43.50
    30 ml

Tailored Luxury Care – as individual as your skin

Germaine Monteil laid the foundation of the brand in 1936. Inspired by the Haute Couture of the fashion world, she already developed the Monteil beauty concept, which encompasses the entire personality – the inner and the outer – including. Our skin is the most important attire and requires a tailored care concept to feel comfortable all around. We adhere to this philosophy to this day and internalize it in every development. We love and live for Skin Care! Monteil offers highly professional care for the needs of demanding cosmetologists and end consumers. Perfectly coordinated routines enable individual care solutions. 


Research & Development

Monteil offers highly effective and innovative active ingredient cosmetics. All ingredients are tailored to the individual and diverse skin needs of our customers. Our research and development are based on decades of analysis of the skin in all stages of life. 


Active Ingredient Cosmetics

Discover active ingredient cosmetics in high-quality and at the same time optimally coordinated concentrations with luxurious raw materials


Skincare Routines

Monteil is known for individual skincare routines with scientifically coordinated skincare products, based on renowned research and expertise for visible results.

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Compensated CO2 emission by 1'100'000 kg


Compensated CO2 emission by 1'100'000 kg

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