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Imperial Barber

Imperial Barber
  1. Freeform Cream Travel Size
    Final Price CHF 19.10
    Imperial Barber
    57 g
  2. Freeform Cream
    Final Price CHF 34.15
    Imperial Barber
    113 g
  3. Field Shave Soap Canister
    Final Price CHF 30.10
    Imperial Barber
    176 g

In 2011, IMPERIAL BARBER PRODUCTS re-developed the craft of men's grooming by preserving the time-honored grooming traditions and adding new natural, useful premium products. Today, Imperial Barber Products has become an authority in the masculine men's grooming industry.

The team behind IMPERIAL BARBER PRODUCTS brought with them 26 years of experience in Los Angeles and New York City in the men's care industry. During this time they have dedicated themselves to the perfection of classic American men's styling. Throughout all these years they have been searching for the perfect men's hair or grooming products. Pomades, gels and waxes were too weak, too greasy and waxy or too fragrant. The shaving products never met expectations.

The Imperial team decided to develop the products themselves. The first result was the premium product, a water-based Classic Pomade; customers called it "the strongest water-based pomade in America. They tested the Classic Pomade for two and a half years, not only in research labs but also in barber salons on real customers. The feedback from customers was overwhelming, positive and inspiring and made them want more. More products followed.

Each product is individually formulated and always manufactured with performance, benefit and function in mind.

Made by Barbers, Made to Work, Made in USA.

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Compensated CO2 emission by 1'100'000 kg


Compensated CO2 emission by 1'100'000 kg

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