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Discover the beauty gift boxes from Wella Professionals and Sebastian for you and your loved ones! Discover now!


  1. Camo Breast Mask
    Final Price CHF 16.95
  2. Camo Hair Mask
    Final Price CHF 11.95
  3. Final Price CHF 10.95
  4. Camo Face Mask
    Final Price CHF 10.95

Korean Cosmetic Star

Live your personal spa moment with the high-quality Kocostar masks!

The secret of Korean beauty?
Even, pure, wrinkle-free and poreless skin that glows from the inside out!

What has long been a fixed part of the daily beauty routine for Koreans and Korean beauty junkies is now also becoming an absolute skincare must-have in Europe thanks to Kocostar.

According to the principle of "skin first", we let the skin go first here and discover the joy of Korean facial care for ourselves.

Slice Mask, Sheet Mask or Moisture Mask – enjoy your individual mask experience with the Kocostar face masks for a wide variety of needs.

For skin care, that is fun, innovative and has a lasting effect.

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Compensated CO2 emission by 1'100'000 kg


Compensated CO2 emission by 1'100'000 kg

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