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The Ipure brand was born in 2020 with the aim of offering fragrances for the environment and clothing that meet the needs of consumers who are more attentive to the quality of raw materials and the innovation of formulas, and above all to the hygiene of the home and work environment. Ipure is a modern brand that offers fashionable room fragrances formulated in an innovative way to offer maximum olfactory experience and cleaning safety.

When formulating the fragrances in the Ipure line, thought was given to how to disinfect and perfume high traffic areas and worn clothing to provide maximum safety against viruses and bacteria, and to ensure selected fragrances of the highest quality.

The fragrances were created in collaboration with Olivier Pescheux, author of some of the most important international perfumery successes and winner of the 2016 Francois Coty Award for Best Nose in the World.

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Compensated CO2 emission by 1'100'000 kg

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